Are you adopting a new dog or cat into your life soon?

We are pleased to offer a New Pet checklist with coupons that you won't want to miss out on. 

Stop in the store today for yours! 

(Exclusive to HPHQ) 

Things to consider

  • Have all your essentials ready before your pet arrives at home. Not sure what you need? We are here to help! Stop in to see us to take advantage of our new pet program!

  • Find out what sort of diet your pet is currently eating, and ensure you have it at home. If it is not the kind of diet you would like to continue with, simply wait until your new pet starts to settle in, (about two weeks), and slowly start to transition them to the diet you prefer. We are always more than happy to help you with these decisions! 


We all know how excited your are to show off your new family member, and you know we are all SO excited for you! So we are offering/asking for you to send us your new 'baby' photos for us to share with our community! 

Simply email your photo to

with the name of your new fur-kid and we will post it here! 

Thank you for sharing and CONGRATULATIONS! 


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